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 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme

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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:15

"Dear Biturbisti,

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Maserati Biturbo, our club have decided to organise a grand celebratory international event. The Biturbo was presented on the 14th December 1981, but wintertime is not the ideal time to organise an anniversary event, so the date is scheduled for the 23rd and 24th June 2012, 30 years exactly since the first Biturbos were delivered to those diligent customers who had placed their orders solely "by brochure", thus avoiding the long waiting lists that would have occurred in the following months, to get hold of a copy of this revolutionary car. For this thirty year anniversary the choice of venue could only fall on Modena, "the land of engines", the city where the Biturbo was conceived and designed, and where its "heart" was constructed. This "30th Anniversary" will be for the Biturbo Club Italy, its second international meeting, following that held in 2003, and will have the collaboration of the Maserati Club of Italy and the patronage of the Municipality of Modena.

The rally will be divided into two days. The Saturday will be spent in locations of a high symbolic value for Maserati and Modena. We visit the new recently opened MEF museum complex (Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari), which houses an exhibition of vintage cars that have shaped the history of the Land of Engines. We will have lunch at the “La Secchia Rapita” restaurant, owned by the DeTomaso family, which at the time of the Biturbo was the venue for the most important dinners and meetings (corporate and private) hosted by Alejandro deTomaso, Maserati and the old Registro Maserati. We will park our cars in the central Piazza Roma, on display for the public in front of the Palazzo Ducale, and visit the Military Academy. Then we will go on a visit to the Panini Collection, and in the forecourt of the farm that houses it, there will be a parade of all the participating vehicles, representing the entire Maserati production for those years, which will be the largest, varied and complete display of Maserati Biturbo cars and such that has ever been organized, and also stage a dedicated concours d'elegance. Our desire, ambition, is to have at this meeting, at least one example of the countless versions of this family of cars, that have followed in almost twenty years of production. It will not be easy, but we trust that with your help we will succeed !

For this event we have invited some of the men who contributed to the creation and evolution of this series of cars, along with their retraced memories, anecdotes and curiosities for those years, especially during dinner, which will be held at the famous restaurant "Europa92", property of the Pavarotti family and located on the estate of the late tenor, always a Maserati customer and who during those years served as ambassador in advertising the Biturbo.

The Sunday will take on a rather more sporty theme, it will take place at the new recently opened Autodromo di Modena: this will be the first meeting of Maseratis to take place at this new facility. Participants will be allowed free laps and take part in a regularity test that will contribute to winning the 30th Anniversary Biturbo Trophy. You can admire the Maserati racing cars from those years performing on the track, and we'll hear from the testers that tested the Biturbo, who may give those present the best advice on how to drive these cars on a circuit.

The 30th anniversary aims to be a grand event at which we would like the largest possible number of cars to participate. For this we have divided the program into two days to meet your various tastes and needs, and we have structured it in such a way that whoever wants to come, can take part in only one of the two days. Even with regard to accommodation, we have included various hotels to suit everyone's needs.

The event is open th Maseratis produced between 1981 to 2003, i.e. from the Maserati Biturbo to the 3200 GT.

Biturbo Club Italia
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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:17

PROGRAMME - Saturday 23rd June

09:00 AM: Meet up and check in at the historic centre of Modena and parking of cars in the central Piazza Roma. An area of the plazza will be reserved for the vehicles participating in the rally. During the entire period of parking the cars will be supervised by security guards.

11:00 AM: A guided tour of the Palazzo Ducale and the Accademia Militare of Modena.

12:30 PM: Lunch at the restaurant 'La Secchia Rapita' in corso Canalgrande, owned by the De Tomaso family and "symboloic" of Maserati during the Eighties.

3:00 PM: Transfer to the new MEF museum complex. A guided tour of the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and the museum, with its present exhibition "The Origins of a Myth", dedicated to the racing and sports cars manufactured in Modena.

4:30 PM: Transfer with our cars to the Hombre Farm, which houses the famous Panini collection, made up of cars from the old internal Maserati museum. A themed display in the forecourt of the entire production of Maserati Biturbos and derivatives. A Concours D'Elegance to select the most fascinating and attractive Biturbo, selected by the participants and a panel of knowledgeable judges. A formal parade of all participating cars.

6:30 PM: Return to our respective hotels.

8:30 PM: Dinner at the restaurant 'Europa92', owned by the Pavarotti family. A themed evening dedicated to the history of the Biturbo, with stories and anecdotes from the men who created and developed this family of cars; engineers, technicians, test drivers and sales managers, who worked at Maserati during the Biturbo era.
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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:19

PROGRAMME - Sunday 24th June

Modena Autodrome in collaboration with the Maserati Club of Italy

8:00 AM: We meet up at the Modena Autodrome, in the locality of Marzaglia. The circuit has been totally reserved for our event.

8:30 AM: Driver's briefing by the director of the circuit.

9:00 AM: Start of the circuit activities. The participating cars will be divided into groups according to power output.

- Free laps.

- Collecting the best laps by each car.

- An exhibition of the competition cars from this era.

- A presentation by the Maserati test drivers of the Biturbo era, who will give participants advice on the best way to drive the Biturbos on the circuit.

- Regularity test for the "30th Anniversary Trophy".

- Timing of the vehicles will be carried out by professional staff from the Federation of Italian Timekeepers.

1:00 PM: An end to the circuit activities.

Followed by lunch in an air conditioned room at the autodrome.

Prize giving after lunch, and a series of fond farewells.
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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:23



The Military Academy is now the oldest and most important academic institution in the Italian Army. Founded in 1678 in Turin, then part of the Duchy of Savoy, for the Army of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and with the unification of Italy became the Academy of the Army and eventually moved to Modena at the end of the second World War, and is housed within the impressive seventeenth-century Palazzo Ducale in Piazza Roma, in the heart of the city. The guided tour lasts about an hour and now includes both the artistic aspects of the Ducal Palace, former residence of the Este Family, and the historical and military of the academy.


Close to the historic centre of Modena, a few hundred metres from the Maserati factory, a new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari museum complex has opened. Next to the birthplace of Drake, minutely restored, created the new Exhibition Gallery, a fine example of architecture, a building consisting of aluminum, which reflects the shape of the bonnet of a 50's race car, in yellow, always the colour of the historic city of Modena. Presently the museum's exhibition theme is "The Origins of the Myth", dedicated to racing cars that have made the 'Land of Engines' famous. The Exhibition Gallery is equipped with a multimedia exhibition and a shop where you can find the official Ferrari and Maserati merchandise.


Within the confines of the Hombre Farm, the Panini family ( famous for the Panini "stickers" ) has built, in an idyllic location, a rustic building that contains an extensive collection of vintage cars, mostly made up of Maseratis that were once housed in a museum within the factory site. The collection, some 25 fabulous Trident cars, originated from an idea of the Maserati Brothers and was gradually expanded and maintained by the factory. The cars are all in an excellent state of conservation. Of these, such priceless pieces as the A6GCS Berlinetta, prototypes, competition cars and other unique pieces such as the 420M Eldorado, and the Maserati Chubasco concept. Next to the building that houses this collection is a shop where one can buy their famous Parmigiano Reggiano produced strictly organically on the farm.


The La Secchia Rapita ( Stolen Bucket ) Restaurant is located in the historic centre of Modena, in the Corso Canalgrande, housed in the sixteenth century Palazzo Schedoni (owned by the family De Tomaso), which also houses the famous Hotel Canalgrande which for years has represented the home of Alejandro de Tomaso and the headquarters of the old Maserati Club. The decor of the restaurant has the theme of "land of engines", with other themed rooms dedicated to Ferrari, Maserati and De Tomaso and automobile memorabilia made in Emilia. This venue is of great symbolic value to fans of the Maserati Biturbo, because at that time it hosted many lunches for representative of Maserati and various meetings of the Maserati Club, and was frquented daily by Alejandro de Tomaso and his entourage.


The Europa 92 restaurant was founded in 1991 at the wishes of Luciano Pavarotti, who wanted to create a room within their own private riding club. The unquestionable prestige of this restaurant, its position in the Emilian countryside on the outskirts of Modena with its suggestive references to the great tenor, who was also was a passionate customer and passionate and generous endorser of the Maserati marque, convinced us to choose it as the place for the dinner of this event. It was built in an old 17th century barn, located on the estate still owned by the Pavarotti family, restored with great respect for the original building and paying special attention to the furnishings. During the summer, the cocktails and hors d'oeuvres are served in the garden. The kitchen is dedicated to the best of Emilian tradition.


Opened last year, the new Autodromo of Modena fills the unexplained void that has left the "Land of Engines" without its own race track, open to the public, for over thirty years. It was built in the locality of Marzaglia, near Modena, according to the most modern standards in terms of circuits. The track is 2 km long, including two tortuous bends and two straights, the largest of about 500 metres in front of the pits, and is 12 metres wide and equipped with emergency exits. The hotel also features amenities such as air conditioned function rooms and bars, and from the terrace of the main building you can watch the activities on the track with a view that extends over the entire circuit.

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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:29


participation Prices:

(The prices below do NOT include accommodation. Reading further down you will see affiliated hotels that have reserved special rates for meeting participants.)


ENTIRE WEEKEND (excluding hotel accomodation)

- Driver only: 340,00 €

- Two person team: 500,00 €

- Each extra passenger: 160,00 €



- Driver only: 130,00 €

- Two person team: 250,00 €

- Each extra passenger: 120,00 €



- Driver only: 80,00 €

- Two person team: 150,00 €

- Each extra passenger: 70,00 €



- Driver only: 210,00 €

- Two person team: 250,00 €

- Each extra passenger: 40,00 €


Payment should be made to: IBAN: I T 3 7 O 0 7 6 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 2 4 2 6 9 4 5

BIC code: B P P I I T R R X X X

Payable to: Biturbo Club Italia

The receipt of your bank transfer must be sent via fax or e-mail together with your booking form.

Ultima modifica di Biturbo Club Italia il Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:43, modificato 1 volta
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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:34


For the characteristics of this anniversary is confined to a specific series of cars, participation in this event is strictly reserved for the turbocharged Maserati "Biturbo" models and later derivatives, from the first series Biturbo up to the and including the later "Quattroporte IV Evoluzione" and "3200 GT". The meeting will be limited to a maximum of 70 cars.

To apply, please send the duly completed application form together with the receipt of payment transfer by the 15th June, to the following address:

Fax: +39 011 726024

Upon receipt of registration form and payment, a confimation email will be sent to you. If you have not received confirmation within a few days, please contact the organization.

The registration form must be accompanied by the receipt of transfer of payment, otherwise it will not be considered.

For this meeting no on the spot cash payments will be accepted.

The subscriber's list will be compiled in chronological order of receipt of the application form together with proof of payment.

The organization is ready to meet whatever possible special requests are needed of participants (rates for children, food requirements, programme changes, etc.), if they are made at the time of registration.

For further information or requests of any type regarding this event, please contact the organisor, Claudio Ivaldi on +39 335 5811336 on all days after 5:00 PM.

A few recommendations for your day at the circuit:

- Check your tyre pressures and the levels of all engine liquids.

- Arrive at the Autodrome with a full tank.

- The use of a crash helmet is obligatory for those using the track.

- It is recommended that you have a chronometer for the regularity test.


Addresses of the meeting places for the navigators:

- Event starting point: Piazza Roma, Modena

- Panini Collection: via Corletto Sud 320, Modena

- Europa 92 Restaurant: Stradello Nava 8, Modena

- Modena Autodrome: Strada Pomposiana, fraz. Marzaglia, Modena

Ultima modifica di Biturbo Club Italia il Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:43, modificato 1 volta
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Biturbo Club Italia


MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   Dom 3 Giu 2012 - 10:40


Below is a list of three different category hotels, affiliated with the meeting, which will give favourable conditions to participants. We made this choice to meet the diverse needs of everyone, so that each member can choose the solution that they consider most suitable. These hotels are intended as a recommendation, but obviously there are no constraints on participants to use one of these hotels.

The three hotels are strategically located for easy access to the venues where the rally will take place. Participants must arrange their own bookings, declaring themselves to be part of the "Maserati Biturbo" meeting to ensure favourable rates, which are valid for the nights of Friday 22nd and Saturday June 23rd. The proposed rates are per room per night, including breakfast.

If you would like the rally organisers to make your hotel reservation, you must specify this in the booking form and include the appopriate funds together with the registration fee for the rally.



Brand new building located on the Via Giardini close to the new hospital of Modena Baggiovara. Una Hotels is the hotel in the Modena area that has received the best reviews on international sites such as Booking and TripAdvisor.

The hotel is a recently built 4 star superior of a modern technological construction, and has covered car parking in the courtyard.

Special rates for participants:

Double: 94,00 € (single use 84,00 €)

Via Pietro Giardini 1361, Modena.
tel: +39 059 5139595

Distance from the meeting locations: Piazza Roma = 8 km; Collezione Panini = 3 km; Ristorante Europa92 = 4 km; Autodromo di Modena = 7 km.



The hotel is located on the Via Giardini, surrounded by the greenery of an ample park, has a swimming pool, free wi-fi and private parking.

The hotel is 4 star in the building of an antique villa, also available is a 3 star annex.

Special rates for participants:

Double € 90,00 ( € 75,00 at the annex ); Single € 75,00 ( € 60,00 at the annex )

Via Pietro Giardini 1270, Modena.
Tel: +39 059 510.051

Distance from the meeting locations: Piazza Roma = 8 km; Collezione Panini = 4 km; Ristorante Europa92 = 3 km; Autodromo di Modena = 8 km.



The hotel is located on the Via Giardini, in the district of Formigine, and offers free parking in individual spaces. It is a very comfortable 3 star hotel.

Special rates for participants:

Double 70,00 € ; Single 50,00 €

Via Gatti, 3 41043 Formigine (MO).
Tel: +39 059 573344

Distance from the meeting locations: Piazza Roma = 14 km; Collezione Panini = 8 km; Ristorante Europa92 = 7 km; Autodromo di Modena = 12 km.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: 30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme   

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30th Anniversary Maserati Biturbo on June 23-24th in Italy - English Language Programme
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